Sunday Workshops at Creative with Nature Gallery

Indoor and outdoor mosaic!! All welcome.

Time: 10:30-4pm

Price: £75 all included.   for bookings.

January 27th Mosaic Upcycle Day. Bring a small stool/frame/shelf etc and transform with a huge variety of mosaic tiles … in a day!

February 24th  Dragonflies and Bees – mosaic for outdoors. FULL

March 10th  Moon Staring Hares on slate. Gorgeous design/template free to use. All included.

April 21st  Foxes and Badgers in Mosaic. Indoor/outdoor backings. A favorite … book early!

Workshop Address: 22 Rochdale Road, Todmorden 

OL14 7LD    Free parking on Sundays.



To Book Monday Evening classes please contact me via the contact page or

   On going Monday evening class start date 14th Jan 2019

Work at your own pace! 

Time: 7pm-9pm

Price: £150 for 12 Sessions and £85 for 6

Start any time from January 14th 2019